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IoT Mobile Management System

For Bialetti we developed a Mobile and Cloud solution for easy management of IoT devices connected to the production cycles of  italian coffee makers. The Production supervisor could easily manage and configure the itinerary for each production line as well as see detailed reports about material usages and production queues on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Car parts courier platform

For a UK company we developed a Web Platform for enabling third party transportation services of auto parts. Through skillful integration of third party couriers APIs we automatized the process of collection and delivery of parcels and pallets. Paypal and SagePay services were integrated as default payment gateways.

Sales management software

For British American Tobacco Romania we developed the InfoSales software – a platform for issuing invoices, monitor inventory and sales in real time. The software is able to control network and storage management, manage inventory, sales processes, packages and orders, receipts ,billing and other documents.

Data management system

For Timken Romania (the global steel and bearing manufacturer and supplier) we designed and developed a software solution for validation and management of data between users, servers and automated machine tools.

Guard Tour Management System

For Bialetti we implemented an integrated solution for monitoring the guard activities using NFC and Mobile Services for data gathering and a Web Platform backed up by Cloud Services for Reports and Notifications.

Agricultural land management software

For Prahova County Council and all the Village Hall we developed an integrated information system for accounting and registration of agricultural land.


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SENIOR-TV – Providing ICT-based formal and informal care at home

SENIOR-TV project, funded by AAL and UEFISCDI, aims at developing a widespread access, adaptable platform, installed on TV, smartphones and tablets able to provide seniors living in their own homes with a set of social and health services that will facilitate their self care services, improve their access to formal and informal caregiving services and enhance their family and community insertion.

Rotating house prototype

We developed a scaled down prototype of a rotating house that can automatically rotate to follow the sun. The core of the model was a Netduino board that ran multiple processes:
–Following the sun by rotating to the it’s current position
–Central web server for home automation ( doors, locks, lighting)
–Web interface – for manual control of all features


MANY-ME or “Social Interactive Care System to support the of wellbeing people living with dementia” (acronym: Many-Me) is a European research project within the Active and Assisted Living Programme. Many-Me is realized under Call 2016 “Living well with dementia”.


SENSE-GARDEN project aims at creating virtual gardens, which are automatically adaptable to personal memories of their users. Spaces that strengthen the awareness of older people with dementia by providing stimuli to the different senses, such as sight, touch, hearing, balance and smell, leading to a re-connection with the reality around them.


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Automated Water Management System

Compexin developed an automated system for water extraction and distribution from wells through the pumping station to nearby towns. The entire solution was developed using a distributed infrastructure. For every well there is central dispatch where users can monitor the entire process.

Production Automation System

For Bialleti we designed, manufactured and implemented a fully automated system for production cycle management, using embedded devices, sensors and actuators for electrovanne control and monitoring.

Network Infrastructures

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Computer network infrastructure

For Apa Nova Ploiesti (city water distribution company) we implemented a modern computer network infrastructure between different buildings of the companies.

Industrial network infrastructure

For Timken Romania we developed a industrial infrastructure for connecting Ethernet enabled machinery with command and control software running on various computer systems.

Distributed network infrastructure

For PETROLEUM-GAS UNIVERSITY OF PLOIESTI we designed and implemented a distributed solution for linking a central node to various buildings with fiber optic cables.